We have fully staffed competent faculty of 11 members engaged in running 13 operation theatres, 4 critical care units, and training of junior residents, interns, and students during their posting.

We have 11 state of the art operation theatres catering to all the specialties and super specialties like pediatric surgery and plastic surgery. These are well equipped with the latest monitoring equipments like Multipara monitor, Pulse oximeter, Ventilator, Defibrillators, and Cardiac monitors. All the four blocks of the hospital are equipped with central pipe line system consisting of oxygen supply, Nitrous Oxide gas, and Suction.

We have four divisions of critical care units consisting of 20 beds, Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU), Intensive Medical Care Unit (IMCU), Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. All are equipped with Multipara monitor pulse oximeter, ventilator, Defibrillators, and cardiac monitors, infusion pumps and central nursing system. These are manned by trained nurses in critical care units, physician and anaethesiolists around the clock.

Our Faculty has to their credit
  • A textbook on Anaesthesia for Undergraduates
  • Critical CareMedicine in Casualty and Emergency wards in print

Department  Name


Brief Overview

  • Establishment - 1999

  • Growth

  •  Services offered

  • patient care

  • Teaching

  • Research

  • outreach


PGs, if any

No. of Intake: NIL

No. Admitted: NIL

Patient care services

  • Opd days and time: Pre Anaesthetic Clinic (Monday to Saturday - 11am to 1pm)

  • Spl clinics  Pain clinic: 3 days in a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

  • Spl equipment available USG Machine With Linear Probe.

  • nnovations  in patient care.

  •  New procedures described USG Guided Pain Procedures.


Academic Programs offered




Innovations in TLE

Simulation Lab

Research profile

No of Publications - 08


Ongoing research activity

On Going Projects  - 02

1. Evaluation of Efficacy of addition of dexmedetomidine in USG guided TAP block for postoperative pain relief in open unilateral elective inguinal herniorhaphy: A prospective, randomized, controlled study.

2. Comparison of analgesic efficacy of bupivacaine, bupivacaine and dexmedetomidine, and bupivacaine and Fentanyl in wound infiltration technique in perianal surgeries: A prospective, randomized controlled study.

Best practices

USG guided nerve blocks for surgical and pain procedures