Department of Otorhinolaryngology mainly caters for teh curative, preventive, social leads of people in the rural and urban ENT population in and around Puducherry.

General ENT care :

Curative care general beds 40 numbers with one unit headed by professor, with other facilities.

General out patient care :

General OP patients is run from 8AM to 4PM, where new and old cases are taken care. Emergency ENT patients is taken care by duty ENT faculties and post graduates, round the clock.

  1. 6 cubies for OP patients
  2. Demonstration Hall with audiovisual aids
  3. Seminar Hall with 100 seating capacity with audiovisual aids and stage
  4. Temporal bone dissectiob lab
  5. ENT Museum
  6. Caloric test'
  7. Departmental library

In patient care :

40 bedded ENT ward managed by well trained ENT faculties, post graduates and staff nurses. All varieties of ENT cases admitted for ENT surgeries and conservative management.Emergencies in ward side attended by all faculties at any time.

  1. Side Lab
  2. Pantry
  3. ENT examination cubicle with dressing room